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Custom WordPress 3.1 Admin Bar Menus

One of the cool features of WordPress 3.1 is the Admin menu bar. This is just like the bar at, for your self hosted site. Like just about every other part of WordPress, you can customize it with menus for your clients and/or users.

WordPress Security Plugin – VaultPress

The number one complaint I hear about WordPress is blogs getting hacked because they aren’t updated. Until now, I’m not aware of a WordPress security plugin that is foolproof. Leave it to the creators of WordPress, Automattic, to find the perfect security solution. VaultPress.

Post to WordPress from Android

Yesterday I got myself my first Android device(this is not a phone, but a handheld computer that makes phone calls). Naturally, one of the first Android apps I installed was WordPress for Android, developed by Automattic, who owns and manages

IE Fix: Drop Down Menu Loses Focus In Internet Explorer

I just ran in to a problem I’ve never had before. It cost me hours, even caused me to whine on Facebook about how much I hate Internet Exploder, but will never again. I had a css drop down menu that was losing focus and disappearing when I scrolled down over another element.

WordPress Error Fix – Item Not Updated

If you have ever been stupid enough to mess around with changing your slugs in WordPress as I do at times depending on what I’m doing with my them and architecture, you may have run into this message when you update them. – “Item Not Updated“.

Fix Broken Permalinks Moving WordPress

If you ever find yourself moving wordpress or your whole website, moving it can break your permakinks, making all your links go to a 404 error. Here is how I fix this.

Make Your Own @font-face Web Font Kits

There are a number of ways to implement web fonts now, but there are still times when the perfect font has not been converted for use on the web. Thanks to Font Squirrel, you can convert any font to an @font-face web font kit.