Do you ever have trouble with finding the right color palette for a design, or just want some fresh ideas? ColourLovers the only website you need for finding them.

I didn’t really find it, but it was very skillfully shared with me by Seth Godin, via my RSS reader. He Sneezed, and I caught the bug. The interesting part, is that the link was buried at the very bottom of a post about how to subscribe to his blog. Why do I feel like a guinea pig right now typing this?

Anyway, I set up a new profile on Colour Lovers and made a couple of palettes. The interface is very smooth and ajaxy, letting your choose and re-arrange the colors as you create them without any hassle. You are given all the tools you would expect selecting colors.

In addition to colors and color palettes, there are also thousands of patterns and pattern templates for you to use for your designs.

Check out my Johnny Monochromatic palette, just saying no to color. I also have the color palette for this current blog design, that I named Joe Blue, after a friend who just recently passed away, Joe Wood. Joe was a former Google employee, networking ninja who founded Puget Sound Telecom, and the only guy I’ve ever met with a Cisco tattoo. I didn’t know him that well really, but I still considered him a good friend. Thirty one is far too young.

I’d love to see what you come up with, so post your creations here in the comments.