It’s been nearly a year since I saw the announcement of the Google Web Font Directory at Google IO 2010, and wrote the Google Web Fonts for WordPress Plugin. Today, at the 2011 conference, Google announced version 2 of the web font directory is on the way with a Developer API, and I’m ecstatic..

Since it was released, the Google Web Fonts Directory has grown greatly in size, quality and reliability. The web has taken full advantage. There are over 1.29 million domains using the free web fonts, with more and more developers like myself creating tools to integrate them into various platforms such as WordPress..

Google Web Font Directory v2

Version 2 of the web font directory is coming, and it has some amazing new features. You will be able to collect a number of fonts, and compare them with some sample text of your choice, set weights, and really fine tune your selections from the font directory..

Something designers and developers are becoming more and more aware of, is page weight. Nobody likes slow loading pages. The web fonts team has added a payload calculator to the directory, telling you the size of the font files downloaded when a visitor first loads your site. Also, the API has a new ability to designate the exact letters to download, further increasing performance for special use cases..

New Developer API

The announcement that really got me going, is the Google Web Fonts Developer API. The API is currently in the trusted tester program, which I promptly applied for. This will give me, and other developers the ability to offer the fonts in a dynamic way, in sync with the directory rather than hardcoded in, or in my case using an iframe..

The timing could not be better for me, as I’ve been slowly rebuilding the plugin, and wishing this solution was available. With any luck, I’ll have a brand new version of my Google Web Fonts for WordPress plugin soon, that will give you many more choices and flexibility.