The number one complaint I hear about WordPress is blogs getting hacked because they aren’t updated. Until now, I’m not aware of a WordPress security plugin that is foolproof. Leave it to the creators of WordPress, Automattic, to find the perfect security solution. VaultPress.

WordPress Security Woes

WordPress’s curse has been it’s success. Now powering nearly, if not more than 10% of the internet, WordPress is a constant target for hackers looking to inject nasty links or other malicious code for profit. Staying updated has proven effective for most people with recent versions, but that means continual maintenance. While this is just something many bloggers will do out of habit, the growth of WordPress as a CMS has resulted in many small business websites that just aren’t maintained like they should be. On the other side, there are some very large websites running WordPress, that could use a turnkey backup and security solution.

Hacker Repellant

There are a number of ways to increase the security of your site, from blocking your admin area from all IP addresses but your own, to security plugins that limit login attempts like Login Lockdown. While these are great methods, and should still be implemented, they are not foolproof. There was recently an issue with a particular large shitty host, that had a backdoor between shared hosting accounts. If they really want in, they will find a way.

The Best WordPress Security Plugin

Best? That’s a tall order I know. Let’s look at VaultPress.

The basic idea behind VaultPress is that if your site is always backed up to 11 locations, including the Amazon cloud, it’s not such a big deal if your site is hacked or your server gets hit by a bunker buster. You can just download a snapshot of your database, media library, theme and plugin files, and restore your WordPress site to it’s previous state. To help prevent this from even happening, VaultPress will push security updates, so you never have to worry about it if you decide to go live on a boat for a year or something.

Right now there are 2 account options, and a third in the works. All 3 have the following features:

  • Realtime Core Table Backup
  • Non Core Table Backups
  • Unlimited Snapshots
  • Downloadable Archives
  • Stats
  • Activity Log
  • Support

The Premium account at $40/mo adds security monitoring, and the Enterprise package ( no price listed yet but I predict $100/mo ), includes Audit Trails.

For beta testers, pricing is 20-25% off the marked price, and you can send invites to WordPress loving friends.

Installing VaultPress

VaultPress is simple enough to install. You get a membership, download and install the plugin, and activate it with your little keys. VaultPress will now begin backing up your entire site, and will ever after with every little change you make.