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Gzip HTTP Requests with NGINX

If you use NGINX, you probably care about performance, and one of the easiest website performance wins is to Gzip http requests. Gzip can not only increase the speed of your website, but also save bandwidth. I’ll show you how to Gzip http requests with your NGINX server in this post.

NGINX 301 Redirects

NGINX is a great lightweight webserver, and the one this blog runs on. Having made many iterations including merging other blogs into it, and removing posts and entire sections, I’ve had to create a number of redirects for both user experience and search engine indexing. This post will show you how to create a variety . . . read more

Validation and Confirmation for Hidden Gravity Forms in WordPress

Today I was putting a Gravity Form in the footer of a site with long pages, hiding the form by default, and displaying it when a user clicks the contact link using a little jQuery. Since Gravity Forms shows validation and ( optionally ) confirmation messages on the form itself, this presented a problem when . . . read more

How to Use Web Fonts with WordPress

There are a ton of choices if you want to use web fonts on your website. With those choices come different methods of adding them to WordPress. Let’s do it right, and avoid problems later.

Mission Critical Hover States are Evil

You don’t have to build websites to know what a dropdown menu is, and how common they are. Almost every website in the last decade with complicated taxonomy has a dropdown, and clients expect them.

Nesting Modernizr.js Selectors with SASS and Compass

If you’re going to use CSS3 properties in your designs, it’s a good idea to make sure you aren’t trying to apply them where they aren’t supported. Old browsers have a hard enough time trying to grok your newfangled HTML(5). Don’t confuse them with transforms and text shadow.

I’m Starting a Personal Journal

I always thought of my next door neighbor Ray as my grandfather. Ray was an old WWI vet, retired trucker, and junior golf instructor who had a stack of hardbound journals he had written in for decades. I remember one of the things he shared about his Parkinson’s, was the difficulty writing in his journal. . . . read more

Keep your SSH session from timing out

So there you are, working away on your web server making something magical through ssh. You get a phone call, or check Twitter, read an article or something. It was only a few minutes!